2018 / 2019
Live Sound Design

JACK & is a comedy of errors structured on social codes and trainings, from prison reentry programs to African American debutante balls. Conceived and directed by Kaneza Schaal, a veteran Elevator Repair Service and The Wooster Group performer, the performance interweaves such diverse influences as the aspirational class stories found in 1950s sitcoms, real and imagined entering-society ceremonies, and tigers in Harlem to build a portrait of a dream interrupted and resumed. In the performance, "Jack" returns home from working the night shift at an industrial bakery to make a cake for his wife, "Jill." He ends up whirling through a dance that is part dream, part ritual of reentry into his own internal life. Exploring markers of transition and transformation, and the liminal ritual spaces that bridge worlds, JACK & considers the measureless damages of being in prison—not the amount of time one has served but the amount of one’s dreaming that is given to the state.

Starring Cornell Alston, a long-time member of Rehabilitation Through the Arts, JACK & features a set designed by artist Christopher Myers, which transforms from comedy club to kitchen to ballroom stage. Live music by musician and composer Rucyl Frison animates and contours the three-act story.


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JACK & toured nationally from 2018-2019:
New York Live Arts, New York
Walker Arts Center Out There Festival, Minneapolis
REDCAT, Los Angeles
BAM Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn
TBA Festival: PICA (Portland Institute of Contemporary Art) Portland
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
On the Boards, Seattle
Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati

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