Projeto Consciência Negra
2014 Philadelphia

Live visuals for Alex Shaw and ensemble for Intercultural Journeys at the International House in Philadelphia. This concert was performed in recognition of Black Consciousness Day in Brazil (“Dia da Consciência Negra"), which is celebrated annually on November 20 to honor the death of Zumbi (1655-1695), legendary leader of the Quilombo of Palmares, the largest maroon society in colonial Brazil, and to acknowledge the contributions of the Black community to modern Brazilian society.

With: Alex Shaw (vocals/berimbau/looping pedals), Patricio Acevedo (guitar/cavaco), Luke Carlos O’Reilly (piano/keyboard), Mike Boone (bass), Jeremiah Shaw (cello), Tim Thompson (trumpet),Ernest Stuart (trombone), Alexa Barchini (vocals), Zé Mauricio(percussion), Fernando Saci (percussion), and Rucyl (audiovisuals), and Capoeira scholar Dr. Ken Dossar.

Visuals created and edited in Resloume, and performed with midi controllers and Modul8.
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